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Texas Mud Grids (Clay Nelson Enterprises LLC, d/b/a Texas Mud Grids) is a Texas-based retailer

for HAHN Plastics (North America) Ltd

Clay Nelson, owner of Texas Mud Grids, has been designing smart, sustainable, eco-friendly equestrian properties for 10+ years through his business, Sustainable Stables LLC. He was contacted in 2018 by HAHN Plastics, manufacturer of the Mud Grids, in regards to their interest to start selling their equestrian product line in the US. After doing some research into the company, Clay was so impressed by the functionality of their products and the environmental benefits of their recycled plastic manufacturing process that he decided to start selling HAHN's products here in Texas and regionally.

To begin, Texas Mud Grids is focused on selling a limited number of products manufactured by HAHN Plastics. However, we look forward to expanding our product sales line to cover more of the over 2,000 products HAHN Plastics manufactures, all made out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastics.

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